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Making the world a better place takes a lot of work. And there's always more to be done. That's where Lovell Consulting Services comes in — offering a range of strategic services to help deepen your organization's capacity, broaden your outreach and strengthen your effectiveness in achieving your mission. Call today to see how we can support you.

Why "mission-based businesses"?
Groups that work for the common good — offering everything from human services to religion — are generally known as non-profit or not-for-profit organizations. But this classic moniker suggests that making a profit isn't appropriate for these groups.
     In fact, these corporations — and by law, not-for-profits are organized as corporations — are free to take in more than they spend. The difference: where a for-profit is organized with the intent to make money for its owners who enjoy the benefits of any profit, a not-for-profit business is grounded in its intent to make a difference in the world, returning any profit to advancing its mission.
     Some not-for-profit managers and board members feel that operating a mission-based organization like a "business" is somehow inconsistent with fulfilling a mission. But the truth is quite different: organizations that develop and sustain good business practices — branding and marketing programs; consistent policies and procedures; up-to-date financial, technological and management systems — can reach more people, produce more effective results, and make a greater impact in their field of endeavor.
     At Lovell Consulting Services, our goal is to help mission-based businesses become more effective — evaluating existing systems, developing strategies and action plans to strengthen the organization, and implementing those plans so that our clients see results in both their programs and their bottom lines.

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